Steve Wells of Time and Direction Wines

It was a 2008 Washington Wine Commission Tour of state vineyards and wineries that eventually prompted Steve Wells to leave his sommelier job in New York City and move to Walla Walla.  More specifically, a sunset sip in Boushey Vineyard was the aha moment that made him decide to become a winemaker.   When he finished his studies in 2016 and Aryn Morrell gave him the chance to make his own wines, he turned to his forearm tattoos for his brand name and logo.  On his right arm is a pocket watch and on his left a compass, both his own designs that he blended into a single logo depicting Time and Direction, two key things needed for any journey in life.  His own journey has involved music, graphic design, video games, and sommelier work, all of which are on display in his new tasting room which opened in Walla Walla July 2019.

When I first met Steve he challenged me to figure out the meaning of his Rosé wine label.  I flunked the challenge, but was fascinated when he explained all the symbols.  Even more amazing is the wine, which is bone dry Grenache made from vineyard to bottling to be Rosé.  Time and Direction is a Rhone varietal winery that currently highlights viognier and syrah from newer vineyards such as Eritage, Solaksen, and Thunderstone.  The latter two are part of the outstanding Lawrence Vineyards located in the Royal Slope area slated to become a new AVA very soon.  Steve looks forward to growing as a winemaker with these young vineyards, and all signs suggest the future is very bright for both Steve and the vines.  For memorable wines, fascinating labels, great music and a friendly welcome, don’t miss Time and Direction on your next visit to downtown Walla Walla.    

Listen to the Interview: