Fiona Mak of SMAK Wines

Sponsored by the Travelodge in Walla Walla

If you’re interested in wine at all, you can’t have failed to notice a significant change recently with respect to Rosé wine.  We’re in the midst of what some have called a Rosé Revolution.  With Rosé wines diverse in style and region lining the store shelves, there’s never been a more exciting time to drink Rosé.  Fiona Mak is contributing to the excitement with her new brand SMAK Wines, Washington state’s only Rosé exclusive winery located in the airport area of Walla Walla.  At SMAK, the wines and tasting room décor change with the seasons, making it possible to drink a different Rosé wine throughout the year.  For Fiona, Rosé is not only a wine, but also a lifestyle reminiscent of the French Riviera and embodying a fun and carefree state of mind.

With its high acidity and diverse taste profile from bone dry to sweet, Rosé is one of the most versatile food wines.  Why drink it only in summer?  Fiona makes a spring, summer and fall/winter Rosé, each with different varietals and taste profiles appropriate to the weather and foods of the particular season.  Looking ahead, the current fall/winter wine made with a blend of syrah, counoise, mourvedre and sauvignon blanc will become the fall wine, and a new sparkling Rosé will be the winter wine in 2020.  Fiona’s interest in Rosé was sparked by trips with her family to the French Riviera, and in summer she recreates her favorite French beach at the back of SMAK’s tasting room facility.   SMAK Wines reflects a unique concept that is helping to transform Rosé from a summer sipper into a year-round wine for all seasons.

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