Rachael Horn & Anais Mera of AniChe Cellars

AniChe Cellars is a family owned and operated winery, with three generations offering a hand as the crush season begins.   All the winemakers are women, and they see themselves as trailblazers who “lead, scout and machete [their] way into the future.”   They are committed to making the wine industry more accommodating to women, and to sustainability on the farm, in the winery, and for the community.  For example, they support decent pay for growers, flex time for employees, Salmon Safe practices, and organic and biodynamic farming principles.  All employees have a seasonal reading list on their bio page, and many wines are named after literary characters or works.  One is even named after an ancient wine measurement and Underwood typewriter key, which is fitting for a winery located on Underwood Mountain in the Columbia Gorge.      

With backgrounds in catering and fine dining, it’s no surprise that winemakers Rachael Horn and Anais Mera make blended wines with specific foods in mind.  They see wine as a supporting actor, bringing out the best in foods at the family table.  Their Sirius wine, for example, is the perfect pizza wine, combining Dolcetto, Barbera and Zinfandel varietals.  Tastings at AniChe come complete with food pairings, and the four annual wine club dinners offer such cuisines as French, Spanish, Oaxacan and Moroccan with appropriate wines and entertainment.  You will find at AniChe unique Rhone, Bordeaux, Spanish, and Austrian style wines, including one made in clay amphorae like those used in ancient times.  The tasting-room site also offers one of the most spectacular views in Washington state.

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