Brian Grasso & Brandee Slosar of Structure Cellars

SODO Urbanworks in South Seattle is becoming a destination place for wine, beer and food.  So it’s no surprise that Structure Cellars co-owners Brian Grasso and Brandee Slosar decided on this venue for their winery and two tasting rooms.  Each tasting room offers a unique experience, with distinct wines and music, but they share the friendly, passionate spirit that Brian and Brandee provide with every pour.  A recent visitor to Structure Cellars said of the tasting rooms, "I would go there every weekend if I lived in Seattle....I think people know each other, and the owners know their people."   Brian and Brandee care passionately about their wines, and their many club members and visitors.  Diverse music, memorable food, and award-winning wines are what you will find at Structure Cellars events and tasting experiences.

A major architectural project and passion for wine came together to create Structure Cellars.  While sipping Brian’s first wine amidst exposed studs and joists in their fixer-upper home, the couple thought about the foundation of both their wine and their house—structure.   Structure Cellars was born that evening, eventually licensed in 2011, and by 2017 the cellars included two tasting rooms and a winemaking facility.  Although Brandee admits to failing at architecture, she has a degree in the field, and her knowledge influences the name of the cellars and many of the wines.   For example, the white-label Structure wines are all “Foundation” wines, and the blue-label wines all have Project Titles such as Oculus, Bartizan, Piloti, and Newel, all architectural terms.  Brian and Brandee also make brown-label, terroir driven wines, which are all single varietal and single vineyard wines.   Listen here for the stories behind the wines, the names, and the couple who create a joyous experience in the SODO neighborhood of South Seattle. 

Listen to the Interview: