Leland Hyatt and Marty Johnson of Hyatt Vineyards & Winery

Long before Rattlesnake Hills was an official wine region, Leland and Lynda Hyatt planted a 15-acre vineyard in the area and sold their first wines several years later in 1987.  Those 15 acres have expanded to nearly 200 today in 4 different vineyards, all within several miles of the original plantings.  Their wines are made with estate fruit, which includes Bordeaux, Rhone, Zinfandel, Riesling, Chardonnay and Black Muscat varietals.  The setting is perfect for picnicking, concerts or weddings, with beautiful views of the Yakima Valley and the mountains beyond.   Hyatt is part of the Rattlesnake Hills wine trail offering many different winery stops, so a perfect destination spot for a day or weekend of tasting.

Hyatt Vineyards is known for estate grown, family owned, quality, affordable wines made under the Hyatt Vineyards and Roza Ridge labels.  Most of the wines are priced between $10 and $15, with a few Roza Ridge wines at $20 per bottle. You will find both single varietal wines and a few blends, as well as some varietals not typical to Washington state.  For example, Hyatt produces a Zillah Gorilla Zinfandel, which offers a taste profile very different from a California Zinfandel.  They also produce a Rosé with Black Muscat, a varietal created in the mid 19th century by an Englishman, and an ice wine with Riesling.  Hyatt Vineyards is one of the largest producers in the Rattlesnake Hills AVA, with roughly 15,000 cases made each year and marketed nationally.   

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