Christophe Hedges and Sarah Hedges Goedhart

The family nature of Hedges Family Estate continues into a second generation with siblings Christophe Hedges and Sarah Hedges Goedhart at the helm.  Though they work closely together from offices 25 feet apart, they have very distinct roles.  Sarah is director of fermentations and Christophe is general manager and in charge of sales.  They say their sibling rivalry is healthy, in that it’s grounded in mutual respect and results in the two challenging and inspiring each other.  Sarah and Christophe have plans to increase the number of biodynamic vineyards and wines, and to add a bakery and perhaps an eatery to the estate facilities.  But one thing at Hedges will not change with this new generation:  an emphasis on the family’s Red Mountain vineyard property and the importance of people visiting the estate site where their finest wines are grown.

Hedges Family Estate is Demeter Certified Biodynamic for both its farming and winemaking practices.  It is a leader in WA state in biodynamic winegrowing, and Christophe and Sarah explain in this interview what this means for their vineyards and wines.  Their premier wine La Haute Cuvée is a biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon and they plan to produce a biodynamic Syrah within the next 2 or 3 years.  Their estate wine is a blend of grapes from all five of their vineyards, and thus contains Bordeaux and Rhone varietals.  They also produce non-estate wines such as their CMS line that are very affordable and meant for everyday sipping.  Listen to this interview to learn more about the differences between organic and biodynamic winegrowing, what biodynamic practices mean for the wine in your glass, what lies ahead for Hedges Family Estate, and much more.

Listen to the Interview: