Brett and Denise Isenhower

4 November 2015


It turns out that studying pharmacy is good preparation for wine making.  Brett and Denise Isenhower met in a hospital while study pharmacy, and it was organic chemistry in particular that prompted them to start making wine at home.  In the mid 90s a glass of riesling sent them on a quest to make wine more professionally, and they moved to Walla Walla in 1998 to do just that.  Isenhower Cellars was born in 2001.

At Isenhower Cellars, winemaking is a true family collaboration.  Brett and Denise collaborate on everything from harvesting decisions to blends, and their three daughters create wonderful art for the labels on the winery's top blends.  Isenhower's Paintbrush wines reflect a commitment to beautiful art, memorable wine, and nurturing the environment.  I couldn't agree more that art and wine compose one of the most inspiring and enjoyable blends there is.  Listen to our interview and learn more about old vines and clones working together, the value of early blending, and the many virtues of Marsanne.

Listen to the Interview:

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